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Make Graph Tool crashes Geoprocessing Service

Question asked by sharkins on Jan 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2012 by khibma-esristaff
I have a model containing several tools and script tools that runs correctly when tested in both ArcGIS Desktop and when published as a geoprocessing service in ArcGIS Server.  However, when I attempt to use the Make Graph geoprocessing tool within one of my script tools, it works correctly when run in ArcGIS Desktop, but when published to ArcGIS Server and run, it causes the service to crash returning the following error: Container process #### has crashed on machine MyMachineName. in the server logs.  Below is the code I am adding to my script tool.  Through some tests and logging, I have isolated the error to the line using arcpy.MakeGraph_management

scriptPath = sys.path[0] toolSharePath = os.path.dirname(scriptPath) toolDataPath = os.path.join(toolSharePath, "ToolData") GraphTemplate = os.path.join(toolDataPath, "Longest_Flow_Profile_Template.grf") SeriesParameter = "SERIES=line:vertical DATA=" + longestFlowLineScratchFeatureClass + " X=StreamLength Y=Elevation LABEL=StreamLength SORT=DESC;GRAPH=general TITLE=Longest Flow Profile;LEGEND=general;AXIS=left TITLE=Elevation (M);AXIS=right TITLE=Elevation;AXIS=bottom TITLE=Distance From Source (KM);AXIS=top" LongestFlowProfileGraphImage = os.path.join(scratchWorkspace, "Longest_Flow_Profile_Graph.png")  OutputGraphName = "Longest_Flow_Profile_Graph" arcpy.MakeGraph_management(GraphTemplate, SeriesParameter, OutputGraphName)

Just curious if anyone else has encountered this issue, or if the Make Graph tool cannot be used in a server context and this incompatibility is just undocumented.