New Snapping

Discussion created by cgarciajr on Jan 19, 2012
Following the information at "Working with the ArcGIS Snapping Environment" I am successfully able to snap to features, for the most part.  My problem is that when there are thousands of features, close to 5 thousand right now, with only one layer visible, refreshing the map is slow and snapping stops working (I see a wait cursor when moving the mouse) , even zoomed in to a particular country with only 6 points.   I should also mention that when there are around 4,000 points, the snapping and refreshing is very fast and responsive, but anymore than that and it slows down with lots of waiting mouse cursor.  I'm running ArcMap and pulling layer information via an SDE server.  When using definition queries snapping works, but I'm certain that others will not use this, so that option is out of the question.  Secondly, I have tried the feature cache option, and snapping does work and moving around is very quick, but users will be adding points and moving points and refreshing the map doesn't display the newly added/updated points.

Please, if you have any suggestions or insights let me know.