Arc 10.0 - Pre-populate FeatureClass output box with Input Path/Filename

Discussion created by mrskyp on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by mrskyp
Using ArcEditor 10.0, I am trying to resurrect the old script in Arc 9, Create Features From Textfile, which used to import textfile coords into a feature class using a script in ArcToolbox accessed from within ArcMap.

I can import the script to a new Toolbox and run it from ArcCatalog in Arc 10, but in the dialog displayed by the script, the box for the output feature class path/shapefilename is pre-populated with the path to Default.gdb in my user profile. If I clear this then go back to copy the input box, the moment I click in the input box then the outbox default contents reappear again.  I know there has been a lot of ESRI-forum traffic about location for the Default.gdb, but I am not even using a geodatabase - just going from .txt to .shp with the same root name.

What I want is simply for the featureclass dialog box to be pre-populated with the same path/filename as input/navigated to for the input text file, with the extension changed from .txt to .shp. On the odd occasion I need to change the output path/filename I can then do that in the output box hopefully. If however this Default.gdb business stops this being possible, for second-best option what is the Python code to directly create the featureclass, hardwired to input path/filename plus .shp, avoiding the dialog output box altogether?

Rob P