Why do I get a 404 error when I try to download a .tfw file from an Image Service?

Discussion created by bradschroeder on Jan 13, 2012
I used the ArcObjects help example posted here,, to try to clip and download a tiff from an Image Service created by publishing a Mosaic Dataset in ArcGis Server. 

When I run the command:
IImageServerDownloadResults isDownloadResults = imageServer3.Download(fidSet, clipGeometry, "TIFF");

I get two files, a .tif and a .tfw.  I then use the imageServer3.GetFile(isDownloadResult); command to get the url and download each file with a C# web client.  The .tif downloads without any problem, but when I try to download the .tfw file I get a 404 error.  I've also tried pasting the url's for both files into a browser with the same results.  The .tfw file is valid, I can navigate to it in windows explorer and look at it.  Do I have to set up the Image Service or server in any special way to be able to download the .tfw file?


Brad Schroeder