symbolizing pacel data - computer freezes

Discussion created by lianerd on Jan 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by brysageek
I'm running Arc 10, trying to relatively simple task: symbolize parcel data.  The parcel data has been clipped to a small project area, so there's only ~ 200k records.  I want to symbolize by a field that only has about 10 unique values.  When I'm trying to symbolize it, eery time I click "Add All Values" or "Add Values", I get the following message:  Working (at the top) Extracting uniqe values. 0 records processed. Then ArcMap freezes. I've tried this numerous times, also tried restarting the computer and saving the layer under another name and trying from there, but nothing is working - same problem every time. I would think my computer could process this; it's handled much larger projects previously. Any ideas as to how to fix the problem?