Customizing the Default InfoWindow through the Find Task

Discussion created by salopez on Apr 23, 2010
I am currently implementing the ArcGIS JavaScript Extension for the Google Maps API to overlay a WMS service created with ArcGIS server on Google Maps.  I am using the Find Task command to locate feature from the WMS (in this instance traffic count locations)  By default, markers are added with an unformatted info window.  I have sucessfully implemented a custom window with the Identify Task and would like to replicate this custom info window for the Find Task.  However, I am unsure of how to accomplish this.  Here is a link to the project I am working on:

Any help or examples would be appreciated.  Ultimately what I would like to do is implement the above functionality with a datagrid that can be used to zoom to a particular location (I know that this can be accomlished through using DOJO)