Help with (lots of) file paths after a server move?

Discussion created by radlord on Jan 12, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by mvolz47
Hello, I really hope you can help me with this.

I'm new to my job and none of us know what is happening with the ArcView-based GIS we have here that has basically been mothballed for 3 years due to the recession. The guy that developed it has since left the company. We're getting it back online now and because of the server move all of the filenames that the layers refer to have changed.

Rather than go through a few hundred sites manually, pointing the features in the table of contents to the data, is there an easier way to do this? Maybe using ArcCatalog? I realise that allowing 'relative' file paths should help with this but it's not on at the moment and when I switch it on it doesn't make a difference even if I point a couple of the layers to the correct location.

Please help guys, if you can I will give you 50 points and lots of thanks! i did an MSc in GIS and Cartography and it's not helping at the moment!

Thanks in advance,