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Discussion created by wildernesswebmaster99 on Jan 11, 2012
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I've developed a beta map that overlays wilderness boundaries on top of satellite, locational, and topo basemaps. I'm providing multiple ways for users to zoom into wilderness areas. They can obviously use the zoom scroller, double-click, or use the zoom dropdown boxes at the top, which I've programmed to zoom to the extent of whatever is selected. So if a user selects a wilderness, the map will zoom to the extent of that area. My beta testers, however, have said that the state dropdown is ineffective since it works well for some states that don't have too many wilderness areas or are small in size, but results in an overwhelming view for large states or those that have lots of wilderness areas (contrast selecting Vermont with selecting California, for example). So I've decided to eliminate the state dropdown and replace it with a zoom box button (probably a magnifying glass or something similar). When the user clicks on this button, I want it to result in a one-time zoom via the zoom box. So when the user clicks the button then clicks and drags on the map, they will draw a zoom box rather than pan. I know that users can do this as is, since I call map.enableRubberBandZoom, however, most people don't know this and it's not intuitive for my audience to remember to hold down Ctrl, then click and drag to draw a zoom box.

The functionality I'm looking for is similar to the ArcGIS Explorer on ArcGIS.com.

Unfortunately, while this seems like it should be pretty simple and a common task that map makers would want to do, I'm not finding anything in the way of examples. Any guidance would be appreciated!