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Can Multipart To Singlepart fix to NIM072336 make it into 10.0 SP4?

Question asked by graemederm on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 24, 2012 by dlee-esristaff
Today I encountered a dataset (90,000 multipart polygons in a file geodatabase) that can be run through the Multipart To Singlepart tool at 9.3 without a problem.

However, at 10.0 SP2 it throws a Serious Application Error at 13% of the way through every time.

The bug is thought to be NIM072336 that I found referenced here

Experimenting with smaller and larger XY Tolerances had no effect - 10.0 SP2 always crashes at 13%.

This evening I tested the same dataset with 10.1 Beta 2 and it works!

Having a fix to this bug ASAP is important to a strategic DERM application.

Is there any chance that the fix can be brought forward into 10.0 SP4 which appears to be due for release in March?

- Graeme