Alphanumeric Editing of non-SDE data.

Discussion created by tribeiro on Jan 10, 2012
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I posted this problem in the JavaScript forum, and there advised me to posted here. This was the thread
I'm trying to edit alphanumeric data residing in another database, not SDE. I created a view from the table I want to edit in the SDE database, registered it, and using ArcMap I can now edit the data with no problem, but when I try to edit using the JavaScript API, with the AttributeInspector Widget, the server gives a error, but applies the edits anyway, and locks the table. I have to manually stop the service to access the data.
The server logs say:
<Msg time='2012-01-10T12:13:57' type='ERROR' code='100005' target='ARH_PROCESSOS_ALFA.MapServer' methodName='GraphicFeatureServer.ApplyEdits' machine='WKLAB10' user='?' process='8144' thread='8180' elapsed='0.03620'>Method failed.HRESULT = 0x80070057 : The parameter is incorrect.  .</Msg>.
Is there anyway to get around this? Please help me out, and if you need anymore information please let me know!