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How to save the drawing done on the map by user ?

Question asked by nitinsatapara on Jan 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by saurabhdomain
I am aiming to make an application in which user can do drawing...Its obvious that I will be providing some basic drawing tools like point, line, etc. For this I have used "drawing toolbar" sample code given under ArcGIS API for JavaScript. With this code there is essential functionality of drawing...

Now my question is how can I reflect this drawing made by the particular user when the same user is signing in for next time. In short, there is no code for saving this drawing. Here is what I think:

when a user project any point on the map, I ll store the latitude longitude or geographic info of that point and save it in my database. When that user signs in again, I ll draw that point with the coordinates stored in my database. So apparently user will feel that this is the drawing he/she had done previously.

I don't know I am right or wrong and If I am right then also I don't know how to implement it. So please guide me on this. If possible please provide a brief code. Let it be for implementation of a very brief feature that I am looking for, for ex. Just provide a code for storing the coordinates of a point and then redrawing it at the same location. Please do needful.

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