question about Polyline.splitAtPoints

Discussion created by upendra_dadi on Jan 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by agray1
I am running the function Polyline.splitAtPoints using ArcObjects Java API. The behavior of this function is not what I though it should be. A couple of questions about this function:

1) Is ArcView license sufficient to run this function?
2) The parameters of the function "projectOnto" is set to "True" and "createParts" is set to "False". I am using the function polyline.getPointCount to find out if any new vertices are added to the Polyline by running the function before and after splitAtPoints. But it never changes, i.e., the getPointCount returns the same value. Shouldn't it give a different value if new vertices are added to the polyline ?
Also, "isSplitHappened()" is returning true. Doesn't getPointCount return number of vertices in the Polyline ?

Please help.