Discussion created by jbarry-esristaff Employee on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by Dan_Patterson
Last night we fielded many new features on the discussion forums, we hope you like them and hope they enhance your ability to share and find information more quickly.  

Watch the ArcGIS Blog over the next couple of days for an official announcement and complete list of the new features and a short video for how to use them.  Also for links to the details of the new Forums MVP program.  This will be based on the new voting system we just added. 

That said, we hope that they're pretty much all self-explanatory and intuitive, since they are designed to be useful.  Things like:
1.  Direct messaging
2.  Allowing any logged in user to vote "up" those posts they like.
3.  Original poster or moderator can mark a reply as containing the best answer.
4.  Icons for identifying which posts are Discussion and which are Q&A
5.  Fixed width fonts for code blocks (little problem with this, we're fixing it)
6.  Mobile theme for tablets and smartphones (little problem with this, we're fixing it)
7.  Individual threads are RSS-able

As with any large deployment and upgrade, we expect there will be some little ankle-biters that we'll need to flatten, so thanks in advance for your patience as we dial those in.

Please feel free to reply to this thread or post in this Feedback forum if you see any other issues, or want to add ideas for features for our next Phase.  Things we have on that next list are:

1.  Making custom advance searches saveable, shareable
2.  Allowing you to apply a persistent custom forums filter to the What's New page