Forcing a comma in a number field?

Discussion created by hsiddique on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by rfairhur24
Hi all,

In my userform (in VBA)  I have six fields that are linked to the corresponding fields in my layer. I have coded the textboxes so that only numbers can be entered. I have also coded the textbox's  BeforeUpdate method to add a comma in its appropriate place depending on the length of the number, when I save the record it updates the corresponding fields in the layer, I have set the number format within the layer to show the "Thousands seperator". But when i close My application and then open it and retrieve the records, the comma's do not appear. So it seems to me that the comma is for display only rather then actually being set in stone for that field.

Does anyone know how I can make the comma to be in the underlying data?

Hopefully that makes sense.