Field Calculation in Python

Discussion created by MBadar on Jan 1, 2012
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    I have a raster image classified into 10 zones, and a table that has 10 fields corresponding to these zones. I want a way to calculate area of each zone (cell size is known so I can simply multiply count field to the cell size and get the area of each zone. classified image is a user variable so number of zones are subject to change) and divide each column of the table with the corresponding areas to calculate density/percentage/ratio of the area.
    For example
Zones.tif --> Attribute Table

FID Value Count
0  1  157
1  2  576
2  3  21486
.  .   .

XYZ.dbf --> In this example, cell size of zones.tif is 10m

0  1963_06_06  1570  5760 214860 . . .
1  .  .  .  .  .

XYZ.dbf table is the output of a custom script that I developed in python but I am having difficulty to do this field calculation. Field calculation can be done in the existing table or another table can be created for this.

Any help would be highly appreciated.