Showing 3 - 4 locations on the map

Discussion created by asok1983 on Dec 29, 2011

I am showing 3-4 locations on the map using the pin icon(like Google map does). The problem is that the map is zoomed so that I see the last address location only on the map. When I zoom out I will be able to see all the locations. How do I set the map so every location(pins on the map) show when the map loads. The below code I use to locate the address:

var ptAttr = geocodeResults[0].attributes;
var esriExtent = new esri.geometry.Extent(ptAttr.West_Lon, ptAttr.South_Lat, ptAttr.East_Lon, ptAttr.North_Lat, new esri.SpatialReference({
     wkid: 4326


Thanks in advance!