Developing Source Water Assessment Program within Arc Hydro?

Discussion created by gtruelove on Dec 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2012 by Playa
I have been tasked with evaluating our state's current Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) for possible migration to ArcMap 10. 

Our SWAP is a legacy ArcGIS 9.3 application using Visual Basic (VBA) customizations that can be ported to ArcMap 10, but VBA will no longer be supported with the 10.1 release.

I am not yet familiar with the Arc Hydro data model. Has anyone implemented their EPA-mandated SWAP program using the Arc Hydro data model as a baseline? Are there any papers published on the results of such a development effort? Has it required an extensive amount of Python scripting? Has it been successfully migrated to ArcMap 10?

Graham Truelove
GIS Analyst
Virginia Department of Health