Terrain Smoothing

Discussion created by Iraklis on Dec 28, 2011
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Hello everybody,

I am trying to do the following:

I have two rasters and I want to blend them. Raster1 is a polygon (Feature to Raster conversion) which depicts the boundaries of a crop field. Raster2 is SRTM (terrain). I want to blend the two rasters so that inside and on the edges of Raster1, Raster2 values are equal to Raster1. Outside of Raster1 edges I want to have a smoothed surface for lets say 100meters away from the edge.

My thoughts:

1. Convert SHP to Raster with Feature to Raster (OK)
2. Set Raster2 values within and on Raster1 boundaries equal to Raster1 values (???)
3. Smooth Raster2 surface 100m away from the edge of Raster1 with a specific smoothing factor (???)

In essence I am trying to bring SRTM (Raster2) at the same height/level as Raster1 while inside the boundaries of Raster1 and when I get outside of Raster1 I want to smooth Raster2 so it doesn't look like it's been cut with a knife.

I've been trying with Raster Calculator as well as ModelBuilder but I can't find the correct functions to use.

I am a bit new to this so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks to everybody and Happy Holidays.