Using Python to develop spatial procedure

Discussion created by mykotti on Dec 27, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2011 by curtvprice
Hello. To create patches, first,I used region group to combine all cells that are adjacent and diagonal, I ended up with a grid file where each cell has a unique patch ID. Then I converted the resulting grid to polygon.Then I used Near tool to derive nearest neighbor distances (nearest patch) for each patch. I ended up with a shapefile with ID, near_FID and near_DISt. I set the search radius option to 1000 meters(1km). Now i wanted to see how to derive "connectivity" between these polygons, given the fact the the distance from one polygon to another is 1000 meters. I just wonder how to do this using python, because I don't think ArcMap has any tool that can do this. Appreciate your help.. Thanks.