InfoWindow Help, Basic Documentation

Discussion created by tcrommie on Dec 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2012 by lorenzenn
Our group is try to convert from a Google API and base map over to the Bing base map and ESRI JavaScript API. I finding it difficult in finding simple documentation. Can anyone help with:
1) How do I remove the scroll bar in my infowindow and have it auto size to fit the content.
2) Is this any more information on Customizing the InfoWindow, not just the content but how to customize the colors, background, removing the tile, the shapes of the window, Changing the title color etc...
3) Also how to I over-ride the Dojo styles? I figured out the four styles, (Very hard to find) Claro, Tundra, Soria, Nihilo, but I want to use my own but can not find the documentation on the ID names used by the infowindow so I can use my own styles to control them.
4) Were Is there more information on InfoWindowLite and example of it being used? I gone to this page but it does not give any examples.
5) Is there any examples of "Create a custom info window" that is talked about here:

I feel I am missing something here, I am being told its easier to user the ERSI Javascript API but I cant find the detailed documentation.