Balloon Leaders?

Discussion created by ccposton on Dec 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2012 by jeffhamblin
I run the following code:

public void DrawText( IActiveView view, BalloonParms balloonParms ) {     
    ITextElement textElement = new TextElementClass();     
    textElement.Text = balloonParms.TextString;     
    textElement.ScaleText = true;    
    textElement.Symbol = GetTextBalloon( balloonParms );     
    IElement element = textElement as IElement;     
    element.Geometry = balloonParms.AnchorPoint;     
    view.GraphicsContainer.AddElement( element, 0 );     
    view.PartialRefresh( esriViewDrawPhase.esriViewGraphics, element, null ); 

(Ignore the details of GetTextBalloon() it is just a standard dance of formatted text, balloon callout, simple fill, and simple line. BalloonParms is just a struct with all the settings bundled.) I'm clicking on a polygon feature, getting the point location, and then calling this code. It works like a charm. But there is no leader line!

What do you have to do with a Balloon Callout to get a Leader to extend from it?  When I use them with Labeling I can muck with the labeling parameters and somehow get Leaders to appear but with a TextElement I don't see how to do that?  Are Balloon Callout Leaders broken?