close open polylines and convert to polygons

Discussion created by on Dec 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2012 by Hornbydd
I have assembled many 1:20K BC TRIM sheets.  These are layers provided by the Government of British Columbia that include lakes, forested areas, glaciers etc.  Data is sheet based and I have joined 29 sheets.  I used the dissolve command to join internal polylines together for conversion to polygons (such as lakes).  How do I treat the edge polylines.  These are the lakes etc that are around the outside boundry of my merged sheets.  How do I close all would be polygons at the edge.  I tried creating a mask layer and merging, but I still don`t know how to close the lakes etc.  It must be in spatial join, but I just can`t see the solution.  I have many layers to convert and it is very time consuming to do it manually.  I have the ArcView level of ArcGIS.

Thanks for any suggestions