IDW Result is NoData After Changing Cell Size

Discussion created by jedd937 on Dec 23, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by gannis
I am trying to run an IDW interpolation with raster cell size set to 100'.  The expected result is a bathymetry surface layers generated from ~600,000 feature points with field set to meters at a range of 0 to -98.  I have reduced the variable search radius to 6 points because of the high density and total number of points, and resolution detail.  I have run the analysis before with default cell size and not had a problem but when adjusting the environment settings to 100 (with map units in feet) or setting it to a predefined raster, the analysis result is a blank space and resulting <NoData> value, and a displayed scale range of:

Low: -3.40282e+038
High: 3.40282e+038

I have removed the mask from the environment settings and the shoreline barrier polylines from the barrier setting but continue to receive the same result. The default cell size is:

Output cell size: 2.93757125550883E-03

Is there a setting I am missing or this some other error in analysis or processing?  Is 100' being applied as 100 degrees even though the map units are in feet?  Thanks.