Raster result names and locations

Discussion created by JonHak on Dec 23, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2012 by curtvprice
I'm in the process of trying to convert a script that worked wonderfully in V9.3.x to V10 and am really starting to hate how V10 is handing results.

For example,

In V9.3.x my line would be:

GP.Divide_sa(base1_euc, v30i, base_euc3)

and it creates a raster, base_euc3, in my predefined workspace.

In V10 my line is:

base_euc3 = Divide(base1_euc, int(v30i))

and it does not create my raster as I've predefined it, it creates one called divid_ras in my workspace, but not until I run my next statement

base_max = Con(base_euc3, div, base_euc3, "VALUE < 1")

Which, annoyingly, creates a raster call con_divid_ra1, not base_max.

Is it possible to have V10 just do what I ask?  create my rasters the way I define them, when the process runs and not create it's own names?