LocationService and SimpleMarkerSymbol no longer viewable after starting new activity

Discussion created by kshimabukuro on Dec 22, 2011
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My fourth issue is that the LocationService and SimpleMarkerSymbol are no longer viewable after starting a new activity.

I have an app that allows polygon selection from a feature layer in the main activity and point selection in a separate second activity (switching between the two via an OptionsMenu, finish() called on the activity being switched away from). The app has the ability to overlay the LocationService (gps point) and SimpleMarkerSymbol (AGS Locator) in each activity. This worked fine with the beta API:

However, since updating to SDK 1.0.1, the LocationService and SimpleMarkerSymbol no longer appear after switching activities (symbols do not appear in the first activity either after switching from the second activity back to the first):

If I start the app with the second activity (changing the intent.action in the Manifest), the symbols show up fine:

If this is not the recommended way to switch between maps (feature layers and selection types), please share the best practice.