How do I get PictureMarkerSymbol details from an MXD

Discussion created by mattcross on Dec 22, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2011 by mattcross
I'm running ArcMap 9.3.1 and am trying to use ArcObjects for VBA to extract all layer details to generate an XML report. I have a layer which is symbolised using a PictureMarkerSymbol and I am trying to extract this information programmatically.

The layer is defined as a IGeoFeatureLayer and then I get the Renderer Type as an SimpleRenderer.

Now, when I try to get the renderer.symbol it always returns an IMarkerSymbol. I have not been able to cast this back to a PictureMarkerSymbol in order to get hold of the picture details.

Any help in how I can get at this information using ArcObjects would be most useful

Thanks in advance


P.S. I have the same problem for CharacterMarkerSymbols