Polygon to rasters conversion:

Discussion created by menglish on Dec 21, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2011 by timothy_hales-esristaff
I'm attempting to create a fairly large raster (Hydrologic Unit Code 8 [HUC8) from a polygon HUC8. Basically I want to illustrate the HUC 12 values within that HUC 8 to run a weighted overlay analysis on three datasets. All of these datasets are the same HUC 8 with multiple HUC 12s within, they just contain different content.  For instance, population, stream miles, road miles. When specifying the cell size, I assumed I could simply choose another raster dataset that had the cell size I desired, and Arc would just chose the cell size.  I chose a raster dataset with a 3 arc second (90 meters), but this raster's extents were not in the same location as the polygon I wished to convert.  Do I need to specify a raster dataset that is already contained in my study area?  Is the sotware specifically looking for the raster's corners to mimic or a random cell size?

On a similar note, my goal is rather simple.  I am overlaying three datasets that align perfectly, and assigning weights.  It seems this type of analysis would be a simple calculation using vector data.  Is there a method to perform weighted overlay analysis within a vector analysis. 

Thanks in advance for your time!  :-)