Graphics Polygon Doughnut color reversal

Discussion created by lorenzenn on Dec 21, 2011
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I am drawing a Polygon on a map of the State of Michigan to focus on the I-94 corridor.  To do so, I've drawn a full polygon covering our entire state, then manually created and empty doughnut around the highway.  So, there are at least a couple of hundred points (more like 500+). 

In general this is functional as a prototype to display to the customer, but the issue that I am having is when I zoom in, to a certain zoom level (level LOD: 8, resolution:9.55462890525781, scale:36111.91104) the color on polygon reverses.  Meaning that the doughnut that was supposed to have no color filled turns color and the rest of the map has no color.

I was able to replicated this using the maps toolbar example at
by manually drawing a polygon with a doughtnut and zooming in (level: 14, resolution:9.55462853563415, scale:36111.909643).

EDIT: Oddly enough, with more testing, when I zoomed in 2-3 more levels the polygon shading fixed itself for that level and closer (but when I zoomed back out it was broken again)

Any suggestions on what could be causing this and solutions?

Nick Lorenzen