Best Interpolation Methods for Rainfall

Discussion created by chagan02 on Dec 20, 2011
What are some of you all using for your interpolation methods out there for rainfall.  I'm currently using Topo To Raster, but it seems to do some weird things now and then.  Just didn't know if there was a better method I should be using.  The gauge network I'm mapping from is in mostly flat terrain.  I have done some reading and it seems as if everyone has different opinions about which interpolation method to use.  Just trying to get some more opinions so maybe I can decide if what I'm doing is best, or change my method. 

I have seen that some methods work better in mountainous terrain.  I may be showing my ignorance here, but why would it matter?  Do particular methods actually know what the topography is?  Do they correlate with a Topo shapefile?  I guess what I'm trying ask is, if you have 2" of rain on a plateau, and 2" of rain in a valley, 2" is 2".  Thanks in advance.