Path to a featureclass in sde

Discussion created by deeptivb on Dec 16, 2011
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I am a Python n00b, if this question has been answered before in this forum, please give me the link to it.

Say I have a variable like this,
Lease_SDE = "Database Connections\\Connection to zaphod.sde\\Spatial.DBO.Lease" which I use as the input for the Copy command which copies this feature class from the SDE and makes it into a shape file in a folder.

Here zaphod = server name(arcgis 10, sql server 10.2) and Spatial = SDE database in it where Lease = Feature Class.

How can I change the connection string for this feature class, if I am running the Python script as a scheduled task from the arc server(zaphod)?

Do I need to have Python installed on arc server?

Does the arc server(we have arcgis 10) come with sdk installed on the server?

Is it possible to use a dns path to the feature class?