Girl needs your help! Place new points

Discussion created by little_girl on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by Sycosys
Hi, I have a problem and my boss is really angry(:mad:
I created a raster showing which parts of the city (circles of 250meters) are good or bad.
Now I have to allocate points (certain number) according to this raster, but have to choose only the best places, or places near them.
In addition, there are already excisting points, and I have to consider them as well (if my new point is to close to present one - put it there).
I tried "Spatially balanced points" but it put points anywhere it wanted(((

Help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! :confused:
Could it be that i need to put together 2 tools? I don't know how to do that((