IFeatureIndex2.Index - time to build the index

Discussion created by MEINMEL on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by Hornbydd
I am building indexes on several feature classes, and those indexes are used extensively in our geocoding process to return the closest features from other feature classes.  Building the indexes can take quite a while to build, especially if the file is large.  Yesterday I added a new feature class which is a points file representing fire hydrants.  This file is very large and it takes a very long time for the index to build.  Can indexes be saved and then loaded instead of building them each time the application starts?  Is there a better/faster way to accomplish what I???m trying to do?

Building of the index:

geoDataset = featureClass
featureIdx = New FeatureIndexClass
featureIdx.FeatureClass = featureClass
featureIdx.Index(Nothing, geoDataset.Extent)

Example of how it is used:

Dim esriPoint As New PointClass
esriPoint.PutCoords(point.Longitude, point.Latitude)
_indexQuery.NearestFeature(esriPoint, featID, 0)
If featID > -1 Then
  Return True
End If