How to get the nodes on the absolute boundary of a TIN

Discussion created by alcaraz on Dec 15, 2011
Hi, I am trying to get only the nodes on the absolute boundary of a Tin. But GetNeighbor or LeftTriangle methods return edges whose nodes have NaN Z and very weird X-Y coordinates, so the row is inserted in the feature class without a feature.

Is there any other method or am I doing anything wrong? Thanks, Mar

    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 1 To pTinAdvC1.TriangleCount
    Set pTinTriangleC1 = pTinAdvC1.GetTriangle(i)
        Dim j As Integer
        For j = 0 To 2
            If pTinTriangleC1.Edge(j).GetNeighbor Is Nothing Then
            Dim pTinEdge As ITinEdge
            Set pTinEdge = pTinTriangleC1.Edge(j)
            Dim pBorderP As IPoint
            Set pBorderP = New Point
            Set pZAwarePoint = pBorderP
            pZAwarePoint.ZAware = True
            pTinEdge.FromNode.QueryAsPoint pBorderP
            Set pPointLayer = pScene.Layer(2)
            Set pPointFC = pPointLayer.FeatureClass
            Set pFeat = pPointFC.CreateFeature
            On Error Resume Next
            Set pFeat.Shape = pBorderP
            End If