GPS and ArcMap / ArcReader

Discussion created by mdbell on Dec 14, 2011
Well this is a bit of a pickle.

Currently I'm working on creating maps for a contract of ours that is tracking five vehicles. The vehicles are tracked using an external company. We'll be able to send a SOAP xml command (I haven't researched this too much yet) to retrieve the coordinates of the vehicles.

I'm currently using ArcView 9.0 (with ArcMap 9.0). This has the GPS toolbar built in which is fine and dandy. We've got to get a Publisher licence at some point so we can output the maps to ArcReader for our various offices and depots.

I've been simulating a GPS connection using a table containing XY data, which is fine. I've got another program running in the background that acts as a "listener", getting the data and updating it. Trouble is, will ArcReader still be able to use this table in this manner (so we change data in the table outside of ArcReader, and ArcReader displays the updated data)?

I have heard that ArcReader will use a connection to a GPS receiver with little to no problems. However, we don't use a GPS receiver - just the XY data sent to us when we query the tracking company's servers. Is there a way to "emulate" a receiver and have it use that?


Michael Bell