Legends: how do you change symbol labels?

Discussion created by chrisgis45 on Dec 13, 2011
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I am working on a map that has a bunch of layers with weird names.  I then do the 'Insert Legend' command and the Legend Wizard dialogue box pops up asking me to select the layers that I want represented in  a legend-- or get all the things that I want from 'map Layers' into 'Legend Items'. ( a similar pair of boxes shows up in the 'Legend Properties' dialogue box).  What I want to do is CHANGE THE WORDING  of the words in the legend that describe what the symbols mean.

Example: I have a layer that is symbolized with a red line and the name of it is 'county_roads2'.  I want to change the wording to say 'County Roads' because that is considered professional writing.

Is this even possible? 
is there another approach or should I simply make better layer names when making a map?

Believe me I spend time on esri support before starting a thread but -- it just flat out is not clear to me.  Thanks for any help.