drag'n'drop FeatureClass from one dataset to another in ArcCatalog - arcpy eqivalent

Discussion created by Mike_Sweetman on Dec 13, 2011
I learned that it is best to have datasets that contain all non-versioned or all versioned featureclasses, and not to have a mixture of these.

I had a dataset with some versioned and some non-versioned featureclasses.

I used ArcCatalog to just drag the non-versioned featureclasses to a new dataset, it was so simple, so ordinary and without any fuss whatsoever.

I have searched high and low for a call like the following:

arcpy.moveFeatureClass_management(myfeatureClass, tgtDataSet)

Does anyone know of a way to just move the featureclass from one dataset to another without making a copy, or perhaps transferring a subset - all I want is 'move from a to b'.