Executing steps assigned to my group

Discussion created by allawe85 on Dec 12, 2011
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Dear Support,

We are creating a workflow for one of our projects in which we need to assign a step of the wrokflow to a group (say Managers group). We create a job in which steps will be assigned to different groups. When I login (my Windows account is administrator) to ArcGIS Workflow Manager's desktop client, with an account that belongs to that group, I can see the job (always I can see the job). I can also run steps assigned to the user with which I logged in. My problem is that I cannot run steps assigned to my group. Is it possible to run steps assigned to my groups? Or do I have to assign the steps to users.

Your quick response on this will be highly appreciated (and is badly needed).

Can you also explain the security aspects (authentication of LDAP or DB, privileges assignmnet and permission) of the Wrokflow Manager?