Generate Areas/Neighborhoods/Zones from Points

Discussion created by derekwaynemiller on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by csny490
Hello all,

I have an interesting analysis task that I cannot solve. I have a collection of points that represent tax lot centroids in six separate areas of interest. My goal is the creation of bounding polygons to use as areas of interest in a map book using data-driven pages. Each area of interest should contain 50 points, resulting in 800 areas of interest.

The issue is that the points are not evenly distributed (spatially). In other words, the bounding polygons cannot be a consistent size. For example, creating a grid (250'/500'/etc.) and conducting a spatial join wouldn't work because one grid cell may have 250 points while another only 5, etc.

So here's the question : Anyone know of a processing tool/script/model that can search through a point feature class and create polygons that contain a desired number of points?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts.