Script to automate raster extraction by features

Discussion created by bake489 on Dec 12, 2011
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I am new to Python but have an idea of how it may be used to automate some of my research. I have thematic land cover maps for a county at 2 different image dates (2004 and 2010). I also have a grid that overlies the county, each grid being 5km x 5km. Here is what I am needing to do:
-I have a random selection of 20 of the quadrats in the grid
-I need the land cover maps extracted for each of the 20 features (squares)
-I will then calculate landscape metrics for each subsample (square) at each date so I can test for significant changes in metrics over time.

Is there any way to automate land cover extraction by feature? Extract by mask and clip will produce a map showing the extent of all quadrats, but I need them separate to calculate metrics.

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