Parsing text into x,y worldwide - the issue of the 180 meridian

Discussion created by glesourd on Dec 9, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2011 by mdenil
Hi everyone,

Do somebody has a clue on how to programme in python so that the coordinates from the initial file "go through"the 180th merdian ?  The code that I worked on so far allows to, of course, generate polylines from the x,y coordinates but the issue arise in the pacific region where the x,y coordinates vary from say -179 (West) to 179 (East), and so the generated line goes through 0 (central meridian) instead of go through the shorter path which would be the 180 meridan...

Is there a way to set python on the mindset that -180 = 0 or force values in range of -177 to 177 to connect in the proper direction.

Thanks for any tips on how to go about that.