Dynamic Text Not Reading emptyStr

Discussion created by rcircello40 on Dec 9, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2012 by rkelso
I am producing a map book utilizing data driven pages and am utilizing dynamic text to label adjoining pages in my map book (i.e. FOR CONTINUATION SEE EXHIBIT X". That all works well and fine except for when I get to maps that do not have an adjoing map. For those maps I want the entire string to disappear, both static and dynamic text.  I researched this, and found the emptyStr command but for unknown reasons I can not get it to actually remove the static text (the static text is placed using the preStr command).

My entire text string is as follows:
  <dyn type="page" property="PageNam_S" preStr="For Continuation See: " emptyStr=" " />

Any thoughts as to why this is not removing the entire text string for maps that do not have an adjoing map?