Alter Network Dataset or Create Network Dataset in ModelBuilder?

Discussion created by mr_fnord on Dec 5, 2011
I am trying to compare travel times on different variations of traffic networks, and I cannot find a method for changing the underlying network of an existing network dataset from ModelBuilder. For example, if I have a network dataset that contains feature class Roads, I cannot alter the contents of Roads from my model. Roads appears to go read only until I remove it from the network. I also can't seem to find a way to add or remove features or create a new network dataset from within a model.

Any of the following would work, if they're possible:
- Alter Roads feature while it is part of DS0_ND, then rebuild DS0_ND
- Remove Roads from DS0_ND, make changes, then add Roads back in and rebuild
- Create new DS, new DS_ND, and add Roads to it

There is a tool to build the network so it seems like there would be a way to modify the network. What am I missing?