Showing Job Map (pulling from Job version) in AOI panel instead of default base map

Discussion created by kentoh86 on Dec 4, 2011

I am trying to model the following workflow(s):

MAIN JOB (call this JOB1):
Step 0: Manager creates a job version: JOB1.
Step 1: The manager and/or his/her analysts mark out potential AOIs (they edit and append to a feature layer of polygonal features) and these changes are saved in the corresponding job version (JOB1).
Step 2: The manager creates a child job for each AOI, and formally defines the AOI for each job through the AOI tab (by using the "Select a Feature for Single AOI" to select the appropriate polygon from the layer of "AOI" polygons that were created in Step 1).

I have no problems creating the child jobs manually, or automatically (by using the CreateChildJobAdvanced step) and assigning their parent job/versions accordingly.

The problem lies in the editing of AOI properties of these child jobs.
The AOI panel always shows the default base AOI map (pulling data from the SDE.default version) which of course doesn't have the polygons that were added in Step 1. The manager hence won't be able to see and select the polygon features made within JOB1 for AOI assignment using that interface. One way around this is to commit the changes made in version JOB1 to the default version (ie. SDE.default), but I don't want that to happen.

Is there another work around for this situation?

Thank you,