I want to join 2 buffers but using the Append tool but it doesn't work

Discussion created by chrisgis45 on Dec 3, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by chrisgis45
I have created two 2km radius buffers around 2 features on a map using the Buffer tool.  The 2 buffers overlap.  I want to combine these 2 buffers into one buffer and then do a clip so I can study land covers within this new buffer.  After looking at the functions Merge, Union and Append, I believe that Append is what I want to use.

the tool help barely says anything. The problem that I am having is that i don't know how to create a 'target dataset' which I assume is the output that I am trying to end up with. It seems like this is something that I have to create in ArcCatalogue prior to doing it , right?  - the help says that it is pre-existing.

Thanks for any help.