Why Meters "named" field is compulsory? :(

Discussion created by ami0707 on Dec 2, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by jsandhu-esristaff
hii all,

I've found a little awkward point in creating network dataset option. I've make a network dataset with necessary fields like Length (in meters), FT_Cost(min) and so on. When I've created a network dataset with the help of this feature class I found that it didn't make properly as I expected. It was made successfully but with disabled direction window option. Now when I've changed this "Length" field with named "Meters" field. It was done successfully with active direction window option.

Now my question is here that is it necessary to make "Meters" name field for lenght attribut option or for any other reason?

I've also a little problem that I've also inculde hierarchy class in my feature class but it wasn't accepted when I've created the network dataset. Why?

If anyone have any idea about this then do help me.

Thanks in advance...!