How to retrieve summarized attributes from joined table one to many

Discussion created by AlexChristopher on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by lrosenshein-esristaff
I'm making a map of car accidents, represented by points on a map. I performed a data collect to group some of them, and got the ICOUNT field. I use that value to set the size of the circles to indicate the number of accidents that have taken place in that point.

After that i did a spatial join one to many and for every point in the collect point layer I've many records in a table everyone corresponding to every single accrident that happened there. In addition in this table I've information about vehicles involved, wounded and died.

My question is, how can I simply get the sum of all the wounded and died from the joined layer? and retrieve those values for every point and subsequently show it in a lable on the collect point layer? I started to count manually but I knoe there must me a way to do that automatically, does anyone has some advice?

Tahank you