map.infoWindow.setFeatures is not a function

Discussion created by aconnolly on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by eckardtr
I'm using a FeatureLayer and a query task on that FeatureLayer to select features and then show the features in the info window. I've adapted the FeatureLayer Popup sample here to my needs, but don't change anything in the map click event.

For a certain feature layer service that I have, this sample works just fine and I'm able to adapt the infoTemplate to my needs and setFeatures does not throw a script error.

However, if I change the feature layer service URL to a different albeit similar service (think production/development services) map.infoWindow.setFeatures throws an error.

I have searched this form and can't find any instance of this same exception.

What about my "live" FeatureLayerservice would cause this same code to throw an error? What does my live service need to do in order to behave correctly?

- Aaron