Prohibited combination of specialties for one route (VRP)

Discussion created by tereshenkov on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by tereshenkov

I am wondering if it is possible to introduce multiple capacities for orders which would be used as Boolean parameters.

Consider having 8 cars that may transport four different types of goods: food, fragile products, clothes, and woods. I would like to prohibit loading any car with certain combinations - for example, if a car is loaded with 1 food unit, then it is not allowed to load it with clothes. If fragile products are loaded, no woods can be added.

I thought first to use SpecialtyNames field, but then I realized that then I should devote each car a certain type(s) of goods which is not a thing I really want to do.

Can you think of any feasible solution of converting this abstract concept into concrete defition of the Capacities field in the Orders layer? Maybe there are other ways to do that without using Capacities field at all?

Thank you.