Arc GIS Server: SOC Server working data folders are deleted automatically

Discussion created by jagadeesh88 on Nov 27, 2011
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Hello ESRI,

This query is regarding Arc GIS SOC.

We are maintaining Arc GIS Servers as below mentioned.

4)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-------Arc SDE & SQL Server

we have imported data from SOC1 to Arc SDE through Arc Catalog and published few of the services to the SOM.

The same as SOC2 also.

After few of the days the SOC1 Server system, all the working data folders are deleted automatically by the serverSOC1.

see This below error message received from SOC1 Server corrupted system.

Error Message retrieved from  XXXXXXXXSOC1 machine:
<Msg time='2011-11-27T11:24:11' type='WARNING' code='6000' target='SDM.ServerDirectoryManager' machine='XXXXXXXX' process='1684' thread='1792' elapsed='0.00000'>Can not open directory c:\arcgisserver\arcgisoutput.  The system cannot find the path specified.  Probable cause: The network path is inaccessible to ArcGIS Server Object Container account.</Msg>

see the Logs on below ARCGIS SOM

Serve object creation failed on the  instance of the machine <ip> .Error (-8013)Unable to locate the sysgen folder on the machine.

This happened 2 SOC servers upto now.

I would like to want to know the what exact problem in this case. Kindly reply to this forum with complete description.