Bug while selecting object with same start rule

Discussion created by thyandrecardoso on Nov 27, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by thyandrecardoso
After using the RMB over a selected shape, and "select objects with same start rule", the viewport becomes almost frozen and and unresponsive. The only thing that keeps working is the zoom (at least with the mouse wheel) and the RMB. Can't pan, or rotate. Can't select with LMB. The viewport basically becomes useless.

Also, after this happened, had no luck by reopening the scene: same behavior is maintained! Only a restart got me back working in the viewport.

The bugs reported so far EFFECTIVELY PREVENT me from using CE under linux. Which makes me think that this is probably something quite specific to my system in particular...

Can anyone confirm this behavior?

Again, I'm using Ubuntu Linux, 11.10, Unity manager, 64 bit. CityEngine 64 bit. Working on a project initially created under CityEngine 2010.3.